The groundbreaking moment for the historical society Dr. Franc Kovačič in Maribor were the so-called Kovačič days, which were organized by the society between the 26th March and 11th April 2007. With a joint of lectures a 140 years of the birth of historian and theologian dr. Franc Kovačič were celebrated. On the final day, that is on 11th April, a science and research institute Dr. Franc Kovačič was solemnly opened. The latter works within the framework of society and is the first of its kind on the territory of the Maribor municipality as well as in the broader region.

Preferential tasks of the institute:
  • research of the history of Maribor and also broader region,
  • publication of results in the form of scientific contributions, that is monographies, presentation on foreign and domestic scientific and expert meetings,
  • quality presentation of the town and regional history to domestic public and the care for the presentation and approach of the town and regional history to the members of the EU,
  • care for the recognition, evaluation and preservation of the Slovene cultural heritage and Slovene national identity,
  • an important contribution to the lasting development of the town and region,
  • employment of young and perspective experts from the field of the humanities and sociology,
  • planning and realization of scientific and research cooperation with the important cultural institutions on the territory od northeastern region.

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