Studia Historica Slovenica (SHS)

Its scientific and research mission the historical society Dr. Franc Kovačič in Maribor excercises by publishing the review Studia Historica Slovenica, in which the prominent Slovene and foreign historians publish their scientific findings. According to experts the review is one of the most promising scientific reviews on the field of historiography in Slovenia. The society takes credit for the organization and realization of exceptionally successful scientific symposia, with the main purpose of presentation of different views on the questions of Slovene historiography.



SHS letnik 2 (2002) 1 (naslovnica) SHS letnik 2 (2002) 2 (naslovnica)

SHS letnik 3 (2003) 1 (naslovnica) SHS letnik 3 (2003) 2-3 (naslovnica)


SHS letnik 4 (2004) 1 (naslovnica) SHS letnik 4 (2004) 2-3 (naslovnica)


SHS letnik 6 (2006) 1 (naslovnica) SHS letnik 6 (2006) 2-3 (naslovnica)


SHS letnik 2007 1-2 SHS letnik 7 2007 3-4




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